FPO: 2003-2007 recordings - CD

Année: 2008
Label: Kawaii rds / El Paso rds / Sin Fronteras Discos rds / Just Say No rds / Crapoulet rds / Fight Back To School rds / Major Malfunction rds / To Live A Lie rds / Town Clock rds / Bloodspit rds / Straight From The Inside rds / Direccion Positiva rds

FOREVER POSITIVELY OBSESSED n'est pas encore un autre groupe SxE. ce sont d'abord des amis qui ne se soumettent pas aux pressions de l'etat. FxPxOx voue son combat contre l'hypocrisie humaine, le consumerisme, la competition et les profits, la religion organisée, l'abus sur les animaux et les personnes, le nazisme, le sexisme, l'homophobie, l'élitisme, les drogues (léguales et illégales), la police, l'armée... leur idéoloie s'inspire de l'anarchisme et du mouvement DIY et leur musique résulte d'un melange de bon punk hardcore des 80's, du HC scandinave de la même époque, de l'anarco-punk anglais et du thrash américain (des 80's, bien sur! :) ) découle de tout ca, une combinaison étrange et rapide, marqué par la joie, la rebellion et un enthousiasme incurable! une vraie injection d'adrénaline! meme la tristesse generique des terres macédoniennes n'affecte pas leur positivisme! Straight! et droit au but!



01. borders suck
02. billboard revolution
03. all people are equal
04. black and white
05. out of time
06. time to make a choice
07. this is the end
08. each day is the same
09. kill me
10. i'm sorry for you man
11.straight to the point
12. choice
13. killburger
14. scene
15. here and now
16. you're shit
17. you told me yesterday
18. hatred is the product of your fear
19. are we gonna change the world?
20. because of the love
21. you suck, they suck too
22. why don't you kill yourself?
23. deserter
24. giving birth in order to kill
25. straight is great, gay is ok
26. one beautiful day
27. come on girls
28. i know i'm losing the battle
29. my letter is a part of history
30. i broke the edge! so what?
31. you call it life
32. questions
33. is there anything beyond death?
34. what is themeaning of all this?
35. why am i born on this planet?
36. at this moment
37. i can imagine what will happen...
38. anarchy loves to sleep on the floor of my room
39. i hate my neighbour
40. whose grave is this?
41. fpo live (19.08.06)



41 tracks of fast, thrashy, passionate, political hardcore punk rock from Macedonia; this is angry stuff, but still there is a sense of the positive about some of the lyrics, even if they are hard to follow - due to the speed of the songs, not the fact that the type as so small I needed my new glasses to read them! This compiles tracks from various releases, including the split with I Object and several compilations; there is also an unreleased song and a live set. F.P.O., who I believe have split up now, were a straight edge band, but this is more like Seein’ Red and even Manlifting Banner than Youth Of Today. In the spirit of punk rock co-operation this is a a co-release by several labels all over the world, in France, Bulgaria, Russia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, Singapore, the Philippines and good old Town Clock in the UK. Well worth the post paid price of £6 that this will cost you. []