TROPIEZO: el manual de la perfecta - CD

Année: 2007
Label: Kawaii rds / Discos De Hoy rds / Southkore rds...

Nouveau CD pour ce groupe rageur et rapide, de Porto Rico! Latino hardcore, style LOS CRUDOS ou SIN ORDEN! Livret bien fun!!



01. libertinaje pecaminoso
02. la guerra de las falacias
03. a base del dolor ajeno
04. fisico quimico
05. zuper jirous
06. plastico sonriente
07. terror-ismo
08. androide unidireccional
09. lo irreversible de la evolucion
10. la vida: algo trivial
11. entretenimiento pasajero
12. ciego con vista biente
13. safari park pr
14. tiburones informaticos
15. cancionresignacion



Tiens j’avais failli participer a cette production ! (mais le manque de thunes et le surplus de projet en cours m’avaient poussé a m’en retirer) on a ici un groupe de punk hardcore porto ricain qui nous jettent a la tronche 16 titres en une 15aine de minutes, ce qui nous fait raisonnablement penser a los crudos mais aussi a pas mal de groupes sud américains comme Setiembre once, Opus dead… la présentation est cool, avec un livret / pochette en couleur (format italien) contenant les paroles et dessins, le tout évidemment ultra politisé ! et C’est une coprod entre 20 labels ! chop’chopez le ! []

Absolutely essential, fast-as-hell hardcore from Puerto Rico. Sixteen tracks clearing in sexteen minutes! This is the fucking shit! From what I can make out of the packaging, the lyrics seem to be of a political nature and their packaging is kind of cool, if awkward. It's a wide booklet with goofy cartoons in it. Nut, whatever, who fucking cares about their packaging? This is seriously some of the best hardcore i've heard in a long time. Everybody I've played this for has been all, "Dude! What the hell is this?!" So, I'm far from being alone in being stoked. I don't care if you don't listen to hardcore anymore and just listen to 9insert more listenable punk subgenre here) these days. Hell, that wouldn't be too far from my own situation. Just sayin' if you don't get into this, you don't like punk rock. Yeah it's like that. []

Okay, aside from the fact that the packaging will pretty much fuck up the orderly aesthetic of any shelves you may have for your CDs, these Puerto Rican punkers have delivered one seriously good release. You get hardcore that changes tempos and rhythms on a dime, delivered by a band that loves the wild, spastic end of that genre's spectrum. Get it while you can, kids, 'cause it's sure to become a classic the second it's outta print. .. –Jimmy Alvarado []

TROPIEZO has been around for some time now and have put out several releases. Agrressive, full-throttle harcore sung in spanish. Good shit here, with really quick and intricate changes that enhance the overall sound on this disc. Lyrically, TROPIEZO delivers an interesting perspective on hot issues of today, without flattering everything or pamphleteering; what a relief. Nice packaging- this disc comes with a nicely printed comic-style booklet. Good fucking record from La Isla de Puerto Rico. [Maximum R'n'R]